New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees to sponsor Black College Football event

New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees to sponsor Black College Football event

The quarterback is fulfilling a promise he made to minorities last month

When the protests to demand racial justice and stop police violence started in the US after George Floyd’s death, the New Orleans Saints quarterback made some comments about kneeling during the national anthem that were not well received by most people. Drew Brees quickly took back what he said, claiming that the misunderstood the point of the situation after he got backlash from players, coaches, and the public tagging him as racist. Now, the future Hall of Famer just announced that he and his wife are going to sponsor a Black College Football HOF Event.

Both Brees and his wife will sponsor a popular event hosted by the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) football hall of fame. His contribution to this event will be all about providing promotion and advertisement for the event so it can become a big deal in the HBCU across the country. After the good actions Brees has been doing, not only now but during the decade he has been playing for the Saints, it seems like the criticisms about what happened will continue to dissolve.

“Our goal for this meaningful event is to engage in the national discussion on social justice by sharing the history of black college football and its impact on civil rights. It is also intended to be a platform to raise funds and awareness for HBCU football programs and the Black College Football Hall of Fame,” said the HBCU website.

After his public apology for his previous comments, Brees also stated that he was a supporter and friend of the Black Lives Matter movement, so he promised to do his best to help the cause. This event, which is designed to promote social equity, represents another step for Brees to keep his promise to the African-American community.

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