Crypto credit cards coming to the US via NetCents

Crypto credit cards coming to the US via NetCents

As cryptocurrency continues to gain traction, more options will allow it to be seen as a legitimate currency

A cryptocurrency payments specialist that offers a cryptocurrency credit card program to its users is coming to the US. NetCents Technology Inc. is adding the US to its NetCents program to eliminate a key issue for enterprises to use crypto, which can pave the way for digital tokens to become a mainstream resource. This credit card program, according to CEO Clayton Moore, will be “laser-focused” on improving the merchant experience and build trust in digital payments.

NetCents has decided to launch its services in both the US and Canada simultaneously due to the interest the company found during its prelaunch among the US-based cryptocurrency holders. The idea of integrating the US during the pre-launch allows the company to handle better the technical development that involves the management of the program, which also contributed to increasing the impact among the US crypto user base.

With its credit card program, NetCents gives the users at least three different options to get their crypto. Actually, the company has developed a method and technological infrastructure so cardholders can spend several different digital tokens in one single transaction and in an automatic way. Another competitive feature in the NetCents card, which sets it apart from the rest, is that cardholders don’t need to pre-load the cryptocurrency onto their card before being used. This means that the innovative crypto card is linked directly to the NetCents wallets, so users can effortlessly spend the digital coins in their wallet with no extra requirement. Moore added that this new launch is the most seamless bridge between the more than $200 billion in the crypto asset class and all of the merchants who process credit cards.

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