Washington Redskins player arrested over a poker game gone bad

Washington Redskins player arrested over a poker game gone bad

Wide receiver Cody Latimer apparently can’t hold his liquor and cards at the same time

Apparently, football players are not staying home during this coronavirus pandemic. A football player from the Washington Redskins, wide receiver Cody Latimer, was arrested for a problem he had while playing a game of poker in Colorado. According to the police report, last Saturday, he was playing poker while having some drinks, which ended up with Latimer threatening his best friend with a gun. The report was made to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and said that it was Latimer who called his friend Roderick English to set up a poker game in English’s apartment.

Based on what English told the police, there were seven or eight other guests that night – including English’s girlfriend Madi Shai. Both Latimer and English were consuming alcohol during the poker match, which may have led to Latimer initiating an argument with another player. At that point, English called off the game and asked everyone to leave the apartment.

After everyone left, including Latimer, who came back half an hour later to English’s apartment carrying a gun and blaming him for the confrontation earlier that night. The report adds that Latimer told English that he had saved two bullets for him and Shai, and he threatened to “kill everybody.”

Apparently, Latimer was able to calm down and emptied the gun and the chamber. But, shortly after, he was enraged again and he fired two shots near English, said the report. The police also said that, at some point, English pushed Latimer against the wall, and then Latimer hit him on his head with the gun. The argument concluded when English was able to pin Latimer against the wall and asked him to calm down.

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