Minecraft hits a major new milestone

Minecraft hits a major new milestone

The popular video game has sold a record number of copies and now has an even larger player base

Popular video game Minecraft has been at the top of gamers’ preferences for a few years now. This week, the game reached a new milestone in copies sold, according to information provided by Microsoft. Yesterday, the tech giant announced that Minecraft has sold 200 million copies and holds an impressive monthly player base of 126 million people. This video game is now comfortably sitting at the throne of the best-selling video game of all time compared to the second-place title, which is far away from its numbers – Grand Theft Auto V has sold just 80 million copies. This three-dimensional block game continues to grow, and it has shown no signs of slowing down.

Microsoft purchased not only Minecraft, but its developer, Mojang, in a transaction worth $2.5 billion in 2014. At that time, Minecraft had sold just over 50 million copies across all playable platforms. Given the fact that the sandbox game hit the 100-million mark back in 2016 proves that the game has been growing even more in the last four years compared to its first five years after it was launched in November 2011.

Over the last couple of months the video game has reported a 25% increase in the number of new players picking up the game. A 40% jump in multiplayer sessions was also registered, and more players seem to be using this game as an escape from the difficult times imposed by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Mojang celebrated one more birthday for Minecraft, which was celebrated on May 17. That marked eleven years since the game was initially launched in its original alpha build. The celebration included a rebranding for the developers, which is now Mojang Studios.

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