Get ready for an explosion of cash with Bomb Pots

Get ready for an explosion of cash with Bomb Pots

There’s a blast of cash coming your way thanks to our new Bomb Pots. This brand-new innovation adds an explosive element to cash games that you’ll definitely love.

Beginning in June, we’ll be running special Happy Hours at all our cash game tables where Bomb Pots will strike randomly up to four times per hour. When the Bomb Pot drops, everyone at the table will put in extra blinds. One of the things that makes Bomb Pots special is the absence of preflop betting. That means everyone gets to see the flop!

After the flop, the gameplay continues as it normally would. Yet this minor change can lead to huge pots and big action. With everyone seeing the flop, you can get lucky with any two cards and score a massive pot!

You’ll find Bomb Pots available at all stakes. And they’re not just at Texas Hold’em tables. You can experience this cash explosion for yourself playing PLO, PLO Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud and more. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the challenge and added fun that multiway pots offer no matter what game you play.

While our Bomb Pot Happy Hours are only happening for a limited time, we’ll be offering Bomb Pots at specially designated tables in the future.

To learn more, check out the Bomb Pot promo page, where you’ll find a handy video tutorial.

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