Evil Geniuses reveal a new logo and jerseys

Evil Geniuses reveal a new logo and jerseys

The eSports team has updated its look to appeal to more fans

eSports organization Evil Geniuses (EG) has several teams competing in numerous titles, and is one of the most recognized eSports brands in the US. This Seattle-based organization has recently unveiled a new logo and look, which includes a revised crest and a new design for the players’ jerseys. Additionally, EG has signed a new partnership deal with LG Electronics USA for monitors and LG UltraGear that will be designed according to the team’s appearance.

Regarding the logo, the colors were set to midnight blue and white. The external ring was eliminated, but the logo will keep the E and G initials. The letters were realigned from their previous tilted plane to a new level plane; and the logo also has serifs at the bottom of each letter. “The new crest maintains a strong connection to the past logo; the iconic monogram — synonymous with esports legacy and world-class performance. The circular shape provides a representation (of) one of our core values, inclusivity while achieving a modern and functional design,” said the organization about the new design, “Two sharp serifs at the head and tail of the monogram … signify our voice of innovation and risk-taking. The outer bevel has been removed to allow for a stronger, bolder and cleaner look.”

The new jerseys that will be used for competition are mostly midnight blue; however, both the left shoulder and sleeve are white. They also have a color split down the middle where both colors met, creating a contrasting mid color. Each jersey will have the player’s name located just below the left side of the collar, and another one will be displayed on the back of the jersey right above the player’s number. Finally, the team’s slogan: “Live Evil,” will appear on the trim – at the bottom of each sleeve – along with “EST 1997,” which honors the team’s founding date.

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