Epic plans on rolling out PC controller adjustments to Fortnite next week

Epic plans on rolling out PC controller adjustments to Fortnite next week

The video game developer responds to user input and makes it easier to play Fortnite

As a result of some criticism coming from three popular video game streamers, Epic Games has decided to make some adjustments to the PC controller used to play Fortnite on PC. The video game publisher has shared some details in its latest post about the v12.60 update and indicated that it will address concerns regarding the PC controller next week. According to the developers, they are fully aware of the changes they will be making; however, these changes won’t be revealed yet; the company wanted to wait to “release right before the FNCS Invitational Finals,” which starts on May 23 in most regions.

Luckily, social media sites offer a direct channel of communication with the companies publishing video games; it has been a trend that gamers use sites like Twitter to make public complaints. In this case, Ninja, Tfue, and Aydan were the ones who raised their voices of unhappiness for the aim assist controller set up for PC. Gaming consoles offer an even playing field for every player; however, PC gamers who choose to use a mouse and keyboard on PC do not get aim assist. This situation puts those players at a clear disadvantage, according to several players.

According to Ninja, there was no point in reporting the situation unless a popular and successful controller player speaks up so the change would occur. “What is your HONEST no sarcasm opinion? You are an absolute beast on the sticks, and I know you would still be a top player even if they nerf aim assist (on pc),” said Ninja on Twitter. Aydan gave his honest opinion about it when he said that Epic included aim assist for players using the controller to have a more even footing with mouse and keyboard players. But for him, there are other sensible ways to do it, instead of just not including the feature for mouse and keyboard players.

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