Call of Duty easter egg receives a lot of attention from players

Call of Duty easter egg receives a lot of attention from players

This past Monday’s update to Warzone included some hidden surprises

In Call of Duty: Warzone, several players have discovered a series of massive bunkers scattered across the map since the game was first released. Now with the recent update that happened this past Monday, players can open those giant double doors. This new update, which contains lots of loot, has created an opportunity not only for the players opening these doors first, but also for others who prefer waiting for other squads to do their job. The truth is that this new addition to the game has caught the attention of many players, who were left with more questions than answers.

It is not a simple task to open Bunker 11, and it takes some serious work for those who are interested. To start, the squad needs to find a ringing phone that could be anywhere on the map, then translate something written in Russian and finally look for three more ringing phones that need to be found in a specific order. Once that part is done, the players can open the bunker that has a lot of bonus loot, including an exclusive blueprint for the MP7.

The treasures that can be found inside of the bunker are worth the work for some players. But there are other freeloaders in the game that have decided not to go around the map chasing ringing phones and have camped near the doors for Bunker 11 to crush any squad that has completed the steps and is heading its way to open the bunker. So, for players that are taking the high road, it is better to prepare your defense in case you run into unsuspected thieves.

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