Blockchain-powered drones could be approved by the US DOT

Blockchain-powered drones could be approved by the US DOT

A world of drone-controlled societies may not be too far off

The blockchain world is taking a step into the real world by powering delivery drones, the U.S. Department of Transportation is making an effort to harness this service and has approved it for many uses. According to a report made on April 15 by the government agency, there are benefits that can be brought in sectors like security, ID management, conflict management, flight authorization and air traffic management. “Blockchain technology is being looked on to deliver a framework that can be used by stakeholders in the commercial drone industry,” said the report.

The U.S. Department of Transportation presented a list with cases in which these drones – also known as unmanned aircraft systems, or UASs – become useful. These drones can be either run by themselves or through remote human intervention to assist in many sectors, from medical deliveries to military strike capabilities. “The number and variety of UASs and the diverse operations they are or may be expected to soon be involved in making these aircraft especially suitable to the trust and operational integrity provided by blockchains,” the report detailed.

According to the report, these blockchain-powered drones can add trust through the use of policies and protocols, bringing security to aircraft communications, tracking and crowded area protocols, among others. “Blockchain has already been used to address some UAS trust and integrity issues,” the report said. Blockchain can make data about drone-related accidents and flight data recorders much more effective and useful, “A blockchain-based flight recorder would do so in real-time and could also allow law enforcement to be proactive instead of reactive,” the report noted.

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