The Two Biggest Mistakes New Jackpot Poker Players Make

The Two Biggest Mistakes New Jackpot Poker Players Make

With Americas Cardroom bringing the Million Dollar Jackpot back to the Jackpot SNG games, I thought it would be a great time to cover some basic strategy concepts to help you maximize your longevity in the games while awaiting that life-changing spin.

Today I want to look at the two main mistakes non-hyperturbo players make when transitioning from cash games, tournaments or even regular speed SNGs.

1. Not playing aggressively enough

This one seems obvious in theory but is quite a bit more difficult to execute in practice. With games generally lasting under 10 minutes – often far under – there is very little time to wait for a premium hand. Whether we’re talking about the number of hands we play from the small-blind, the frequency we call raises in the big blind, or the relative weakness of hands we need to take to showdown, the ranges in Jackpot poker games are significantly wider than non-hyperturbo players are used to. And while the exact ranges will be determined by numerous factors such as the limits, blind levels and. most importantly, your skill level, as a general guideline if you’re playing less than 35% from the button and 70% from the SB in unopened pots while holding 20+ BBs, you’re likely playing too tight. Things can get even crazier in the Big Blind, where folding more than 20-25% against a button open in the early stages of the match is likely a mistake.

So regardless of which game format you specialize in, make sure to realize that the ranges you’ve been working with have very little relevance in the Jackpot poker games. Which brings us to mistake number two:

2. Not studying proper hand ranges

The vast majority of inexperienced Jackpot Poker players come in to the games with no real strategy in mind and start flinging chips with no real rhyme or reason; a risky move in such a high-variance game. Instead, if you plan on spending time chasing the dream playing Jackpot SNGs, invest even just a little bit of it seeking out some proper strategy – be it by checking out the rest of the Jackpot content on this blog, looking for some hand charts to study from (googling “spin and go hand charts” might prove more effective since that was the first version of these games to hit the market), or working with a program like icmizer or piosolver to run some basic simulations on the most common three-handed hyperturbo situations (don’t worry, this is actually much simpler than it sounds). Doing so will not only give you a strategy baseline from which to build on, but will reduce your variance and help keep you in the game while you get caught up to speed.

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