BOT Refunds Issued March 13th, 2020

BOT Refunds Issued March 13th, 2020

In our continued efforts to provide a safe and secure playing environment for our community we have issued the next round of BOT refunds on Friday, March 13th.

The total amount of money refunded to players as per our Transparent and Verifiable refund policy was $199,572 divided among 13,910 affected players.

Over the past year our security team has been making great strides in the ongoing war against poker Bots.  Regular software updates that change the fonts and table graphics poker bots use to read what’s happening at the table has proven very effective in breaking commercial bots.

In addition, we’ve increased our security staff considerably and integrated a new Customer Assessment Team that analyzes player behavior of every new depositor on the site.

We’ve added a google captcha that players must successfully complete in a timely manner after playing varying numbers of hands.  Those players who fail the captcha will have their account suspended until after successfully completing the BOT protocol which involved recreating a video session with the same play statistics that match their history on the network.

All BOT nicknames have been posted publicly since April 12th, 2019 along with the player nicknames of affected individuals along with how much each player has been refunded.

To learn more about our Transparent and Verifiable Policy or to see more on the latest round of refunds check out our Banned Accounts page here.

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