Hard Rock ready to move on a new casino in Gary, Indiana

Hard Rock ready to move on a new casino in Gary, Indiana

The company breaks ground on the $300-million gambling venue with members of the Jackson 5

The Hoosier State is welcoming a new casino in its borders, the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana. The announcement was made in the middle of a colorful celebration in which casino company leaders, local dignitaries, and also three of the famous members of the music group Jackson 5. All grabbed shovels embellished with guitar-like handles to dig into what they call is a new era for gaming in the state. This impressive 30-acre site is right next to the Borman Expressway at Burr Street.

Executive vice president for Spectacle Entertainment, Jahnae Erpenbach, confirmed the company is ready to rock the region. “As a Hard Rock destination, we are going to deliver unparalleled fun, excitement and incredible entertainment value,” said Erpenbach.

This is an important event, as it represents the first brick and mortar casino in Indiana, besides the casino boat located in a dock, in which Spectacle Entertainment has the majority ownership. Now, Hard Rock International will operate the new casino in Gary, which is being constructed to replace Spectacle’s Majestic Star floating casino.

According to Rod Ratcliff, Spectacle chairman and CEO, the intention with this partnership is for the casino to stand out in the existing gaming market, not even worrying about what happens with the new casinos in Chicago and suburbs in the south. “We’ll obviously watch what goes on in Illinois with a close eye, but today we’re quite comfortable with the location that we have. We’ll do well in the market,” Ratcliff said. The completion of this casino facility is expected to occur by December 31; however, Ratcliff said it is better to think of it as the first quarter of 2021, as things might not go exactly as planned regarding the construction.

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