All Elite Wrestling could get its own video game to compete with WWE 2K20

All Elite Wrestling could get its own video game to compete with WWE 2K20

Complications seen with WWE 2K20 could give the wrestling alternative a boost

In the world of entertainment and sports, it is not uncommon to see people mixing up their professional activities with other ones more pleasurable. One of those people is the professional wrestler, Kenny Omega. This comes as no surprise to wrestling fans, as he has been involved in the world of cosplay and openly shares his love for video games, including his work in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Through social media, Omega answered a few questions regarding the possibility of an AEW video game, and it seems that there might be something in the works.

During this questioning, Omega didn’t really confirm any further details about the plans for a video game, but, when a fan asked a very simple question regarding the first AEW game, he replied, “Coming (hopefully) soon!” In another similar question, he also answered, “We can alllllmost talk a little bout it.”

At least with those type of answers, you could think that there is a video game coming. The wrestling and video game fans already got confirmation about such video games for a while now, but the general status of it has been harder to figure out. Since AEW did talk about plans for a video game back in July 2019, it could be that is in development and it might be hitting the market in the next couple of years.

Among the fans that are excitedly waiting for this game, two different groups have formed with different opinions of what they would like to see. The first one would prefer if Yuke picks up the game for development (the company behind WWF and WWE games development), which it is now free to do. The other group, WWF No Mercy, is aiming for a very retro-like video game like the good all times of the PS2 era. Given the issues seen with WWE 2K20, an AEW video game would most likely find a significant following.

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