Adam Savage really wants the poker chips from Matt Damon’s movie Rounders

Adam Savage really wants the poker chips from Matt Damon’s movie Rounders

The former host of Mythbusters is a long-time fan of the movie and its props

There are movies that touched people so deeply that stay with them for a long time and Rounders, one of the most all-time best movies about poker, has become more than a reference point for poker players. After the 2000s boom in poker, Rounders became a sort of cult and fans have watched it numerous times. Starring Matt Damon — who actually loves poker in real life and who has been seen at more than one event — Rounders is about a truly gifted poker who spends the movie helping his best friend, interpreted by Ed Norton, who owes money to a Russian player interpreted by John Malkovich. It finishes in an incredibly most exciting poker match and Rounders went on to become an iconic movie. For Adam Savage, a serial tester and YouTube broadcaster, it was more than that and he became obsessed with the movie and, taking a step further, set about to get a replica of the set of chips used in the movie. However, it wasn’t as easy as he thought.

The Teddy KGB’s poker chips are often sold separately for $20-$30 apiece that, unless it comes with a golden coverage, is just too expensive to be worth it. So Savage, who has approximately 4.7 million subscribers on YouTube, went in a different direction and it ended up being the ideal one. Through contacting one of the companies that could make a replica for him, he ended up reaching the same company that created the movie chips, a true lucky shot. Since the company promised the production team that it would not be make any more chips, Savage suggested a small change, and the company was more than willing to create a set of poker chips just for him that were as close to the real thing as possible. Now, to continue with his obsession, and to pimp his poker chips, he continues to work on adding extra gadgets to his new toy, such as a case, Cyrillic writing, Russian stamps, etc. in order to make them even closer to the real deal.

As for Damon, he continues to grind away on the big screen, as well as at the poker tables. It’s possible that he will be seen simultaneously at both, as a sequel to Rounders is reportedly being discussed.

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