New artificial intelligence platform comes to the eSports gambling scene

New artificial intelligence platform comes to the eSports gambling scene

AI will help expand eSports wager activity

PandaScore has now targeted the bookmakers around the world with the launch of their new esports odd product. With their data being driven by their Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is rapidly getting popular across the world. Their product is already being used by some professional esports teams, media companies and some bookmakers.

This solution is dedicated to sportsbooks and bookmakers with a main focus on live in-play betting data. Ultimately this can offer a great solution that esports fans have been waiting for to be able to bet on their favorite games. There is a deep-rooted expectation already on the esports fans for live betting on their games. After so much money invested along time in streaming platforms, it seems to be the betting enhancements are already allowing the esports betting area to get closer to the rest.

PandaScore has been working lately on their platform for data collection and odds based on AI, they are now confident it is fast enough to allow life betting. According to PandaScore they now have the capacity of reaching 100 of data points in one second, this will increase market offerings to more than 500% and the sudden closings on the market will be reduced to a minimum. “Esports is the next big thing in entertainment. We believe esports betting is already big but untapped by most bookmakers,” said Flavien Guillocheau, CEO of PandaScore. “We are here to make it easy to have a world-class offering on day one. If you want to reach esports fans you need to work with esports specialists that understand esports competitions, data, and odds. We’re ready to help you speed ahead of the competition.”

To date, for calculating odd and having the numbers ready to offer live bets, the bookmakers mostly use manual counting. This means that with that speed, by the time the fans are ready to place a bet on a sports game is late. It is a frustrating experience for everybody to find the bets to be either inconsistent or unavailable when you are ready or just with a lot of downtimes. The difference now is that the AI system will collect the information in less than a second and make it available.

League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League. Those are the games that you can find today available for in-play odds, and at least two more would be released in the next few months.

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