Know Your Bet – Milwaukee Bucks vs Minnesota Timberwolves Betting Options

Know Your Bet – Milwaukee Bucks vs Minnesota Timberwolves Betting Options

When making a sports bet, choosing is a side is only just half the battle, with the second part of the equation being to investigate at all the betting options – including moneyline betting, spread betting, and teaser/parlay betting – and deciding which of the three offer the best value in each particular instance.

Take today’s matchup between Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks against the Karl Anthony Townsless Minnesota Timberwolves as an example; as the -6.5 spread indicates, the Bucks are heavy favorites against a Minnesota team that’s still without its superstar Center – who is completing the second half of a two-game suspension thanks to his fight with 76ers star Joel Embiid. Therefore, let’s assume for a moment that we agree with the bookmakers’ analysis of this betting matchup (as I do) and have decided to place a bet on Milwaukee (as I have). Now the question becomes which of the three betting options present the highest long-term expectation, so let’s take a look.

Moneyline Bet
Although taking the moneyline bet on a big favorite can often be the best option, with the Milwaukee moneyline having already ballooned to -320, betting $320 to win $100 is often not an appealing proposition to recreational players just looking for a fun sweat, though it likely should be considering road favorites of -320 to -400 have gone 105-21 for an 83% cover-rate over the past 5 seasons. So while the moneyline is without a doubt the most profitable of the three options, the risk/reward ratio might be a little tough to swallow for the average player; so let’s check out a couple of alternative options.

Spread Bet
Although a spread of 6 to 7 points is generally going to be an extremely fair price-point any time Milwaukee is facing a non-elite team, especially one missing its primary weapon, the Bucks have historically struggled to maintain early leads, having already blown multiple double-digit leads this season including an ugly loss in Boston after going up 19 points in the first half before losing by 11, as well as in a game vs Toronto in which they squandered an early 20-point advantage but were fortunate enough to recover just in time and come out with a win in the final moments. Therefore, although it is most definitely still in play, betting the Milwaukee spread is not without its dangers.

Parlay/Teaser Bet
If you follow me on Instagram or are part of our free sportsbetting Discord channel, you’re likely sick of hearing me point out that professional bettors use straight-betting (betting on one team at a time) for the VAST majority of their plays and believe that is the only road to long-term profitability. With that said, when used in the right situation within the right parameters, small moneyline parlays or teasers can still offer players a solid edge. The important thing to keep in mind when attempting to maximize your expectation while utilizing either of these options is to limit them to two-teamers only, pairing two big moneyline favorites (such as, using today’s schedule for example: the Bucks & Rockets or Bucks & Trailblazers) or teasing down two favorites of 5.5 or more points to get them closer to a pick’em in a game Vegas has determined their edge is much larger.

So regardless of which side you take, or which bet type you elect to play, make sure to consider all your betting options before putting your hard-earned dollars at risk.


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