Buying Bitcoin has created profits consistently since inception

Buying Bitcoin has created profits consistently since inception

Crypto has the longest earnings streak of any potential investment

While the main focus of cryptocurrency isn’t meant to be investments, it’s easy to understand why so many would look at it that way. After jumping from $100 to $20,000 in 2017, many people began to purchase even a small amount in hopes that the price would explode again. While that happens, there is still an opportunity to make money on crypto and, as far as investments go, Bitcoin (BTC) isn’t a bad choice. It has been profitable virtually every single day since it was created.

According to analysis provided by, BTC has registered an upside on 98.2% of the days it has been in existence. The tally goes back to January 4, 2009, which was the day after the Genesis Block was mined. That includes a total of 3830 days, of which 3671 of these have been profitable. The only recent “unprofitable” days came in the five-day period from June 25 to June 29.

In fact, according to the site’s calculator, if someone had invested just $1,000 on January 1, 2011 and not touched it, the holdings would now be worth over $33.98 million. That should be enough to make even Warren Buffett happy.

This isn’t to say that crypto only needs to be seen as a possible investment opportunity. The real purpose of digital currency is to use as its name implies – as money. However, putting money into the ecosystem will help it grow, as well, and allow it to receive better stability and reliability as a fiat alternative.

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