Red Dead Online update now available

Red Dead Online update now available

The beta version of the game continues to roll out new features

A new batch of updates for the Red Dead Online Beta video game was introduced yesterday. Among the items included by Rock Star, the game’s developer, are new gameplay, new weapons and clothing, enhanced balancing and many other additions based on feedback from the playing community. Some of the updates are already live, while others will be made available in the coming weeks.

Players can now earn “Gold Nuggets” and XP by completing daily challenges. There is a completely new series of goals that covers everything from finding treasure to skinning animals and winning feuds. There are seven daily challenges that change each day, and they’re available via the Player Menu. Completing all seven unlocks an additional bonus.

There are also new Fishing Challenges. An Eagle Eye is available to help players see schools of fish and the objective is to score the highest total weight, so the more fish caught, even if smaller, could still result in a win.

Beginning next week, players can compete with rival teams in the newly-created Free Roam Event, Fool’s Gold. Players battle wearing “golden Armor” and a defeat of an opponent earns the winner more armor and points.

New game modes are being added each week. Target Races, a competition on horseback to take out targets with a number of different weapons, is just one example. Players compete against others in both speed and accuracy to earn points and weapons such as a bow and arrow or a pistol are available.

Enhancements to the world have been made, as well. These include updated player radar and visibility, easier feuds and enhanced law and bounty systems have all been added. Specific to the PlayStation 4, players now have access to a Jawbone Knife, described by Rock Star as “a unique melee weapon with a handle artfully carved from the remains of a slain animal’s jaw.”

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