Players unhappy as PokerStars lowers rewards

The poker site is reducing rewards on certain tournaments

Starting tomorrow, players on PokerStars will have less of a reason to enjoy the site. Changes are coming to the loyalty program offered by the site, including a major reduction in the points that are earned for participating in scheduled tournaments.

Currently, 100 reward points are earned for every dollar or euro in rake during scheduled tournaments. However, PokerStars apparently needs to pad its own wallet more and is lowering the rate to just 45 points. The rewards offered for all other types of games will stay the same.

According to PokerStars, it is making the change based on player feedback and how players interact with the system. It’s hard to believe that players provided feedback suggesting that they not be able to earn as much in rewards.

There are other changes coming, as well.

One regular player on the site, “giraf ganger,” took to Twitter to express his disappointment, stating, “As the dude who just won 2 Turboseries in a day and 50% ROI in everything I reg; rake does not affect me. But I will be boycotting the 5k on @PokerStars because it’s -EV rake/structure combo…”

Another, “James Edwards,” added, “Joke of a site becomes more of a joke, if previously thought, not possible!”

In a blog post on the subject, PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations Severin Rasset added, “As always, we welcome your feedback and will be keeping our ear to the ground on all the most popular poker community channels and forums to learn from your experiences.” It would appear that the site wants user feedback in order to make changes that are the exact opposite of what players want.

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