One suspect caught after Races and Aces casino heist

Another suspect is still on the loose

That was quick. Only three days after the Races and Aces Casino in St. Martinsville, LA was robbed, one suspect is already in custody. The other is still on the run, but chances are good that he will be nabbed soon, especially as his accomplice has a lot to lose. By the way, Races and Aces is looking for a new security guard.

The armed robbery took place Tuesday morning at around 11:30 when a man walked in, supposedly with a concealed firearm. He approached a security guard with the weapon allegedly hidden in some type of black cloth – perhaps a sock or a stocking – and forced the guard to accompany him as he went to a clerk and demanded cash. He left with a satchel containing an unspecified amount of money.

That was the version that the security guard gave the police. However, it now appears that it was a complete fabrication. Police have arrested the security guard, Payton Byrd, on one count of principle to armed robbery. It would seem the man meant to guard the goods was secretly concocting a scheme on how to escape with them, instead.

As for his accomplice, he has already been identified. It wasn’t clear if Byrd sang like a canary or if his cohort was identified by other means, but police are now looking for Devin Bourda, the man who allegedly carried out the crime.

In the past two months, there have been several attempted robberies of Louisiana casinos and the would-be crooks still haven’t learned. In all cases, the crooks were nabbed by police, unable to escape from the major surveillance systems and investigative prowess of Louisiana’s finest.

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