Crypto concierge managed $250 million in transactions last year

The crypto winter isn’t giving The White Company the chills

Many people may look at the extended cryptocurrency bear market as a sign that digital currency’s run may be coming to an end. To the contrary, things are just getting started and the lack of significant fluctuations is an indication of how the market has matured. Although “the crypto winter” might be giving some the chills, one company shows that things are just beginning to heat up.

The White Company – the crypto concierge company, not the apparel company – managed $250 million in transactions last year. The company has developed itself as the prime solution for anyone looking to exchange large amounts of crypto for luxury purposes, whether that be a Lamborghini, a yacht or $50,000 watches. Elizabeth White said recently in an interview with Forbes, “Luxury is not just for the wealthy, and our customers from a variety of ages, incomes, occupations.”

The White Company provides a service that many find appealing. Consumers can cash out large sums of crypto earnings while maintaining a low profile. White explains, “They wanted to spend and enjoy their wealth… [but] were not able to easily exchange the cryptocurrency into cash, due to restrictions and limitations on exchanges etc.”

Now, things are going to begin to get interesting for the crypto industry. White, the CEO, points out that the bear market has been good for the industry and that growth is coming. She states, “The speculative bubble in cryptocurrency is over, which is a good thing, as it allows the community to focus for more serious, long term projects, such as the solutions that [the] White Company is building.”

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