Bakkt exchange being faked to scam crypto

Someone tries to impersonate the exchange, gets laughed at by the crypto community

A would-be scam artist thought he would be able to fool people into sending money to his cryptocurrency wallet addressed. He dressed himself up as the Bakkt crypto exchange and sent out an email discussing a new funding round for the ICE-created exchange, hoping to dupe more than a few innocent crypto fans. All he has received are laughs and jeers.

The email started off well, giving a subject line of “Bakkt News!” The body of the message talked about the impending launch of the Bakkt platform and directed readers to a website to learn more and to take advantage of the investment opportunity. From there, everything starts to fall apart. The address from which the email was sent is a “gmail” address – not very professional of Bakkt.

The website,, is a complete joke, replete with horrible English grammar and spelling that are always indicative of a scam. Even the website name itself should at least start to raise eyebrows. Once on the site, users are able to make their investments through a Bitcoin (BTC) address – and only a BTC address. No options were made available for any other digital currencies. For a company that just received $182.5 million in funding, that would seem a little chintzy.

Fortunately, it would appear that no one has fallen for the scam. As all wallet addresses are public and can be viewed with block explorers, a review of the address shows that not a single “investment” has been made.

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