Tokenized Apple shares can be purchased with crypto

A new crypto platform emerges to facilitate stock exchange trades using digital currencies

Tokenized trading that facilitates participation in the stock markets is gaining a lot of traction. In absence of global regulations for the crypto space, companies have begun to offer crypto fans a method of trading on financial markets using their digital assets and a new company is looking to take the activity to an entirely new level., which is based out of Belarus, is now offering tokenized securities that allow “traditional” financial assets to be traded directly from crypto, with no need of first converting the assets to fiat.

Just getting started, the platform will offer only around 150 tokenized securities, which cover a variety of goods and services, such as Apple, oil and natural gas companies and silver. However, it hopes to eventually offer over 10,000.’s tokens are valued directly on the performance of NASDAQ-traded assets and will be equal in value to the shares of the target trade. The tokens are available for purchase with either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH). has become the first blockchain-based entity to be licensed by the High Technology Park (HTP) of Belarus. The company is in compliance with all local laws and has also implemented strict Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering policies. Those policies are being governed, in part, by blockchain intelligence firms such as Elliptic, Coinfirm and ChainAnalysis.

The lack of global regulations is creating innovation in allowing crypto fans to use their assets for investing in the stock markets. DX.Exchange, which is based in Estonia, launched big-name stock trading through the use of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain this month and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which operates as the country’s central bank, partnered with NASDAQ, Deloitte and others to create solutions last year that will allow for the simultaneous exchange and settlement of tokenized digital currencies, as well as security assets.

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