Video game podcaster on Forbes YouTube money list

YouTube began as a way for everyone to be able to share videos with their friends and family.  Since then, it has morphed into a complete moneymaking machine and has become the go-to platform for podcasters to discuss virtually subject possible, including video games.  For one video game podcaster, the platform has proven to be extremely lucrative, allowing him to be listed among the top ten of the richest YouTubers, according to Forbes magazine. 

The magazine recently published its 2018 YouTube "rich list," and Sean McLoughlin, who goes by JackSepticEye, occupies the eight position on the list.  He reportedly earned $16 million (pre-tax) from June last year to June of this year.  He has more than 20.8 million subscribers who visit the channel to watch him play video games. 

JackSepticEye first launched his channel in 2007, but didn't begin uploading videos until 2012.  He is self-described as the "most energetic video-game commentator on YouTube."  He uses the platform to launch "an assault on the senses" that results in people either loving or hating him - apparently, many love him.  His videos aren't child- or work-safe, as they include a lot of swearing.  McLoughlin has no qualms about his language, stating in a recent interview, "There’s lots of swearing. The more you swear the better. People react very positively to that apparently."

The podcaster has gone on to receive additional notoriety on top of his YouTube channel.  He was chosen by Polaris, a division of Walt Disney, to be featured on a TV program on Disney XD and is also creating exclusive content for Twitch.     

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