Thieves attempt to rob casino ATM, fail miserably

You win some, you lose some.  That's the nature of gambling at a casino.  However, most of the time, people opt to take their chances at the tables or the slots.  A pair of bungling burglars at a casino in Canada, however, apparently hoped to beat the house a different way and attempted to steal the casino's ATM. 

The comic relief was provided by two individuals at Gateway's Lake City Casino in Vernon, British Columbia two days ago.  Perhaps unable to wait until the casino opened at 10 AM to take their chances at the tables, the pair broke into the casino at about 4 AM Wednesday morning and tried to kidnap the automatic teller.  Given that there are better odds at the slot machines than there are of being able to steal an ATM, the would-be criminals were forced to leave empty-handed, with nothing to show for their efforts except exhaustion and frustration. 

The couple made their escape in a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup that had a bed topper of the same color - that shouldn't be too hard to spot, especially given the fact that the topper has a distinctive sticker in the lower right corner of the rear window.  One of the thieves was wearing jeans, white sneakers and a brown hoodie.  The other sported a black ski mask and wore dark pants and black sneakers with white soles.  The Vernon North Okanagan Royal Canadian Mounted Police is hoping the public can help identify the perpetrators.

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