Official video game leagues make it to high schools

Video games have been popular since they were first introduced, but never have we seen the growth explosion witnessed over the past several years.  The advances made in technology and graphics have led to the creation of a whole new level of games that, in retrospect, makes Atari's Pong quite laughable.  The increased attention given to video games has permeated the high school scene and is now leading to official after-school video game leagues being created around the country.  In some areas, they're receiving more attention than basketball, football and baseball combined. 

A new High School eSports League is coming soon, which has partnerships with high schools in a number of states, including Texas, New York, Florida and Hawaii.  Another similar league, Legacy eSports, is set to launch in New Mexico, Louisiana and California next year.  Beginning next February, the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) will begin a partnership with Legacy eSports that will see the introduction of a regular season, complete with tournaments and a championship game.

According to AIA Director of Business Development Brian Bolitho, “We find this as a unique opportunity to get those students that might normally go home after school and play a game on their computer but now get them into school to where they can meet up with their peers.  And school pride—compete for a state tournament and a championship there and engage these students that normally might not be involved in their high school community.”

Video games have taken on a following of epic proportions.  Over 200 million people watched the final of the 2018 League of Legends video game final, according to several sources, which is more than what the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl and the Olympics Winter Games Opening Ceremony attracted. 

AIA and Legacy are going to keep away from violent games.  They will also avoid games that carry an "M" (Mature) rating.  The video game leagues will serve a necessary purpose and allow a greater number of teenagers to keep off the streets and in school.

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