eSports has an AI coach, and it's a success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now becoming a major part of eSports.  The Omnicoach AI coach system has been introduced and provides unique and complex training for competitive and casual gamers.  As far as coaches go, Omnicoach is proving to be the most successful and has already begun to receive international accolades. 

The system is being made available officially as of tomorrow.  However, it was launched in a presale that saw the first hundred packages sold within 26 hours.  The majority of the copies were sold in the U.S., but were also picked up in Canada and Great Britain, as well as ten other countries.

The AI software combines image recognition and online learning to give highly specific suggestions.  While only made available for Overwatch in its first iteration, the success of the platform is giving developers the energy to offer support for other games, as well. 

According Omniwatch's lead Overwatch coach, "Alienteavend," ”Our relationship with the first hundred Omnicoach users was very intense. After the success of the first coaching packages and the initial user feedbacks, the Omnicoach team has decided to add additional features to improve the service for the international public launch. A recently released hero Ashe has been added to the coaching engine. Also, the development of a navigation panel is in progress, which will contain all the necessary information of a gameplay, presented in a very practical and compact way. The panel will enable users to review the key information of their VODs in a blink of an eye. The Omnicoach engine has more than 2000 individual, situation-specific tips. Exclusively for the launch we increased the pool of tips with an extra 400 and will continue to add new tips and exercises on a daily basis."

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