Sunday Recap: Sunday Venom and other tourneys provide big bite

Our Million Dollar Encore tourney had a recent name change to the Sunday Venom as it’s now a permanent fixture on the weekly schedule. It was just one of the big events happening yesterday (Sunday, November 11th).

Check out the full details in our Sunday Recap.

Sunday Venom has another value-driven overlay

This $1,000,000 GTD tourney has a hefty $2,650 buy-in, but there are plenty of ways to qualify for less. We had 367 total entrants yesterday, which resulted in a $917,500 prize pool. We covered the $82,500 overlay. Top three:

1) freddy adu -> $191,900

2) xela18 -> $142,500

3) adampliska -> $105,000

$200,000 GTD Warm-up remains red-hot

Yesterday's $200,000 GTD 8 Max tournament remained red-hot with 2,103 entrants, putting the final prize pool at $210,300. Congratulations to winner FindTheTrust who found some big cash in the $109 buy-in event. The top three:

1) FindTheTruth -> $38,695

2) Galileo1976 -> $23,764

3) guileful_sod-> $15,562

$150,000 GTD Sunday Special just misses guarantee

Our Hold’em Sunday Special got as close to the guarantee as possible yesterday. There with 749 players (one short) who paid the $200+15 buy-in, resulting in a $149,800 prize pool. Here's the top three:

1) bololoHAHA -> $28,800

2) ProBrock-> $17,850

3) howittaste-> $12,375

$35,000 GTD PLO Sunday Special also misses guarantee

The PLO version of our Sunday Special also fell short of the guarantee yesterday with 150 total participants paying the $200+15 buy-in. That meant a $30,000 prize pool. The top 3:

1) thegreenfund -> $8,050

2) HFNeon-> $4,900

3) tsikwz-> $3,675

Beast and Sit & Crush Live Cage Satellite

Our final Live Cage of this year in starts November 30th and is a special PLO version. Three more players won their $8,340 package to Costa Rica in yesterday’s Beast and Sit & Crush Live Cage satellite.

1. dwaal

2. opethian

3. check privilege

Want to see your name in lights in our next Sunday Recap? Just hit the tables this upcoming weekend. In the meantime, there are great tourneys running every day this week, starting today!.

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