Scrubs Star Says Fortnite 'Jacked' His Dance

Actor Donald Faison from the TV show Scrubs says Epic Games completely “jacked” his dance moves for a dance emote in Fortnite. However, the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence, confirmed that he was contacted by someone from Epic and about the use of Faison's dance and he gave his permission.

Faison created the choreography in question on the spot during an impromptu moment while filming the episode “My Half Acre.” During an event over the weekend, Faison's castmates tried to get him to perform the dance before the audience. He declined, saying they would have to play Fortnite to see his moves now.

A video posted to YouTube shows a side-by-side of the dance comparing Faison beside the character from the video game. Epic recreated the moves so perfectly the two look almost identical.

While it appears that Epic requested permission to reuse the moves from Scrubs, rapper 2 Milly is upset about how Fortnite is using his dance. He is not happy with the fact that Epic is making money off his dance by selling it in the game.

Chancer the Rapper shared a similar opinion. He takes issue with the fact that Fortnite removes the original songs from the dances. He argues that a lot of money is being spent on the emotes but because the game separated the dances from the original songs, none of the money is going to the creative people behind the moves.

This week, Epic announced details about the next big update slated for Fortnite. It is slated to go live sometime today.

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