Rory Young on the bathroom isolation prop bet

Rich Alati is locked up.  The poker player is spending 30 days living in a bathroom, cut off from the outside world.  If he is able to pull it off, he'll pocket $100,000 for the prop bet that has received mixed opinions from the poker community.  One of the principle minds behind the bet, Rory Young, has decided to come forward and discuss how the bet came to be. 

Young, who is currently involved in high-stakes action at the Bellagio, is a fan of "Lodden Thinks," a gambling game that revolves around how individuals think a third party would answer certain questions.  He explains, "This is one of my go-to Lodden questions, How long someone thinks they can stay in a bathroom with no light, sun, human contact. I think people overestimate their ability to do this. I've done a lot of research into sensory deprivation and stuff like that."

Young adds that he and Alati ran into each other while waiting for a table at the Bellagio and decided to play a heads-up match.  They began talking and Young asked him about the bathroom challenge and Alati responded, "Oh, I can easily do that."  It all snowballed from there. 

After reaching terms of the deal, the two hashed out the details.  Young would choose the room and Alati would have to live in the room for 30 days - no light, no human interaction and no electronic entertainment.  Food would only be delivered at different intervals and Alati would only have enough room to exercise. 

Alati is now in an “undisclosed location somewhere in Las Vegas."   He began the prop bet on November 21, meaning he still has another three weeks or so to complete the bet. 

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