Poker players may be psychic

Do some people truly have psychic abilities?  That would explain why certain poker players make hero calls that seem to completely defy logic.  A recent book on poker explores the topic and tries to understand what goes on in players' minds. 

“The Psychic Gambling Supersystem” by Sunil Padiyar, asserts that players such as Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey have “energy fields” that prevent them from being beat on skill alone.  The author states, “Human beings possess a subtle energy field that envelops the physical body. When activated, it is capable of manufacturing luck and producing remarkably accurate powers of intuition and foresight. Beneath the deceptive fabric of everyday reality, energy fields, continually wage wars to determine who ‘gets lucky.’ Individuals who possess active energy fields will dominate those with passive energy fields.”

Doyle Brunson has even said that extra-sensory perception (ESP) exists, which could explain how he has been able to perform so well at the poker tables for more than 50 years.  Phil Laak alludes to something similar, stating after a marathon poker session in 2010, “I feel as if another door of the matrix has opened. I am seeing way more than I saw before. It is hummingly trippy on so many levels. I am fairly sure that this version of me would have a huge edge over the version of me that was playing a month ago.”

Studies on ESP have been conducted for decades and there are still no conclusive results.  However, given some players’ seemingly unnatural ability to win at the tables, perhaps there’s some merit to the theory of ESP’s existence. 

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