Missouri Man Accused of Stealing Stack of Poker Chips at Casino Queen

A Missouri Man with a criminal past is accused of stealing a stack of poker chips from a table at Casino Queen. Lonnie Edwards was arrested on suspicion that he stole $100 in chips from a poker game – a felony theft – when a player stepped away to make a phone call.

Edwards went to Casino Queen on Friday and in less than two minutes after arriving, he grabbed the poker chips, said East St. Louis Detective Ronald McClellan. The player at the table had taken a picture of his chip stack before getting up to use the phone. When he returned he immediately noticed some of his chips were gone.

Surveillance footage shows Edwards fleeing the scene. Security was able to pinpoint the exact moment Edwards arrived at the casino, the approximate time he stole the chips, and his swift exit thereafter. Although there were other players seated at the poker table, there were no direct witnesses to the crime.

Later Friday night, a woman called local police to report a domestic disturbance. It is not clear if the call was related to Edwards, but he was recognized by police when the arrived at the woman's residence. Edwards has a criminal record that includes first-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon.

McClellan explained that the officers had seen a photo of Edwards at Roll Call and were able to confirm it was the same man. The officers were ordered to arrest Edwards late Friday Night. On Wednesday morning he was still in the East St. Louis Jail on $30,000 bail.

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