Missouri casino faces massive fine

According to a report by The Quincy (Illinois) Herald-Whig, the Missouri Gaming Commission (MGC) is considering levying a hefty fine against the Mark Twain Casino in La Grange.  According to the commission, the casino has violated compliance regulations and is recommending the venue to be ordered to pay a fine of $50,000.  The casino has the right to appeal the fine within 30 days. 

The MGC asserts that the casino was negligent in reporting suspicions that certain gaming laws had been violated at the venue.  Cheating allegedly occurred between December 2016 and August 2017 at table games in the casino and involved both patrons and employees.  The activity was discovered, but the casino never reported it.  Three employees have since been fired and have been arrested on charges related to the activity.  Two of them have already pleaded guilty. 

According to a report by the MGC, "Instead of providing oversight to the table games under their direction, the Pit Manager was looking at players' hands, telling patrons how to bet, and allowing patrons to add to their bets after the hands were known to win.  The Pit Manager admitted to permitting patrons to cheat by adding money to their bet, known as 'capping' or allowing a 'past-post' bet, when the outcome of the game became known and failing to follow proper table game procedures regarding the types and amounts of bets he allowed to be placed on various table games."

The casino has not provided a statement about the incidents, or the possible fine.  The commission's general counsel, Ed Grewach, acknowledged that the fine was extremely high compared to other fines the MGC has issued, but that it was in line with the level of activity. 

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