Midterm Reaction: Poker players react to midterm elections

As the stress of the U.S. midterm elections begins to subside, the country is beginning to absorb the results and analyze what they mean for the future.  Someone always has to win, which means someone always has to lose, and opinions run the gambit of possibilities on what makes a winner a winner.  Even within the poker community, there hasn't been a shortage of opinions over the election results. 

Nate Silver, online poker pro and the face of FiveThirtyEight, has spent the past several years predicting the outcome of political elections.  He missed the mark when he suggested Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump, but regained a little credibility in the midterms when he correctly predicted that Democrats had an 88% chance of taking back control of the House and a 19% chance of winning the Senate.  He's already looking to the 2020 elections, forecasting, "The political climate isn’t likely to be as favorable to Democratic candidates in the House in 2020 as it was this year."

Cate Hall decided to offer her take of President Trump after he asserted that elections were a Republican victory, despite having lost the House.  She said, "If Trump understood what a Democrat majority in the House meant, he’d probably be pretty worried."

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow gave a hearty shout-out to President Trump.  He said on Twitter, "Here's a fact! Everyone who was  GOP and went against Trump lost in house and Senate. What does that tell you!"

Even poker players who couldn't vote decided to react to the elections.  Canadian poker pro Mike McDonald, had looked for bets against the Democrats taking the House leading up to the midterms.  When the results were published, he could only offer a single word post on Twitter, "Oops."

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