Crypto city planned for Nevada desert

If you build it, they will come.  That's what a former lawyer and founder of Blockchains, LLC believes.  He is planning on introducing the country's first cryptocurrency city and will put it in the middle of Nevada's desert.  It worked for Sin City, so it should work for Sand City, as well.

Jeffrey Berns is a formal consumer protection lawyer who made his living through class action suits that were brought against large financial services companies.  With his income, he purchased heavily in Ethereum and saw his investment pay off in considerable fashion.  He started Blockchains, LLC and the company has purchased 67,000 acres in northern Nevada, which will be the future home of Sand City.  Berns is so confident in the success of the futuristic project that he has reportedly invested $300 million of his own money.

Sand City will be a smart city that incorporates a decentralized blockchain to manage all interactions.  It will include thousands of residential units, retail spaces, an eSports area and a multi-purpose studio for creating movies, music and games.  There will also be a high-tech park for ventures that bring together artificial intelligence, 3D printing, nanotechnology and the blockchain.

It may seem like the type of venture that is only found in science-fiction movies, but the project is based on solid and proven characteristics that have already begun to take hold of everyday life.  Similar projects, such as a floating city in the waters off the coast of French Polynesia, have received substantial support and are expected to dot various landscapes within the next 10-20 years.

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