Calgary residents say no to the Olympics

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) is having a difficult time finding cities willing to host Olympic Games.  Over the past decade, more and more cities have been refusing the offer and Calgary is now the latest.  In a recent vote on the subject, Calgary residents overwhelmingly said “Thanks, but no thanks” to hosting the Olympics in 2026. 

In a recent unofficial poll, 56.4% of Calgary voters stated that they don’t want to see the Olympic Winter Games come to their city.  The vote does not necessarily mean that the city couldn’t override their decision, but Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi, is willing to listen to his constituents.  Nenshi has been a supporter of bringing the games to the city. 

If the IOC bypasses Calgary in 2026, the next option would be to try to bring the games to Canada in 2030.  However, the chances of that happening are extremely slim.  Calgary and Toronto have already said no to the 2024 games and Quebec City declined the 2026 games.  Montreal hosted the gams in 1976, but that turned into a financial disaster for the city.  Vancouver could be a host, but it more than likely wouldn’t want to after having hosted the games eight years ago. 

More and more, cities around the world are denying the opportunity to host the Olympics.  The IOC is getting desperate, but, with a dwindling list, it leads many to wonder if perhaps the Olympic Games are beginning to reach the end of a marathon run.  

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