Winamax players sue site over poker bots

The France-based online poker site Winamax is facing a challenge by several of its customers.  After one user revealed evidence that poker bots were being used on the site, Winamax substantiated the claims and announced that it would make restitution.  However, the compensation plan offered by the site was, according to the players, inadequate, and the site will now have to respond in court. 

A 2+2 poker forum user, "Dontsaycat" published a post late last year, detailing the actions of one individual, "Twopandas" that had allegedly been using bots.  The community defended Dontsaycat and also identified another scammer, "VictoriaMo." 

Winamax launched an investigation and invited both suspects to play in front of employees at the Winamax office in Paris.  Only VictoriaMo agreed and participated in 400 Sit-N-Go games at the office.  He was eventually exonerated, but Twopandas was found guilty as charged. 

Despite the exoneration, VictoriaMo saw his account suspended.  He was, however, able to keep his winnings.  Twopandas suffered a worse fate, losing his account and his money.  In announcing the results of the investigation to the community, Winamax said that they would provide compensation to those players who were cheated on the site. 

The compensation plan left many feeling like they had, once again, been cheated.  This led to six players hiring a lawyer to launch a lawsuit against the company.  By the time the registration period for the lawsuit had ended, 16 players had signed up.

The players are seeking between $11,525 and $17,287 each.  Some had already received limited reimbursements, but the total payouts were not revealed.  Winamax could be on the hook for as much as $276,592 if all players receive the maximum payout requested in the lawsuit.

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