Today's NFL is 'glorified college football' says Tom Brady

The NFL has re-written the rulebook this year in order to introduce a game that is safer for players.  Many players, as well as fans, have spoken out about a number of the changes, asserting that they haven't done much other than taking some of the fun out of the game.  This sentiment was recently echoed by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who said that professional football is now nothing more than "glorified college football."

In a radio appearance on the sports radio network WEEI, Brady said, “I think it was a different time. Football was different then. Now, in some ways, pro football is more glorified college football. In some ways, the transition—it’s more similar than it used to be when I first started. Football now is removing some of the physical elements of the game. It’s more of a space game. You see a lot of college plays more in the pro game now than I remember when I started.”

A few weeks ago, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews mentioned that the league is "going soft."  He even went so far as to create a commercial that mocks the NFL's new roughing-the-passer rules.  Matthews was called for roughing the passer in three consecutive games, one of which was even confirmed as a bad call by his target,

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith.  Smith said on his Alex Smith Report, "I thought he hit me right in the chest with his shoulder.  I thought it was pretty sound. I thought it was a clean form tackle so I think [the rule] could definitely be adjusted."

It's still too early to determine who the new rules are going to impact the fan experience, as well as players.  However, it certainly seems that the league is determined to turn the once tough-hitting game into nothing more than a powder puff event.

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