SuperData Announces New Way to Value Games on Twitch and YouTube

SuperData, the most recent data commodity acquired by research giant Nielsen, claims to have new “industry-changing” metrics. They are bundled into something called the SuperData Arena, a dashboard that provides a new way to analyze the value of games on Twitch and YouTube.

How many hours are fans watching a game? What is the average number of fans watching at any given time? These are the pressing questions of every esports investor, sponsor, and advertiser, and SuperData is ready to provide the answers.

The new dashboard tool is designed to analyze data from leading streaming platforms including Twitch and YouTube. It is focused on providing brands and publishers with the statistics they need to make informed decisions. It reveals trends in esports titles, the most popular streamers, and the success rates of each specific esports event.

Included in the dashboard is SuperData exclusive statistic, the “influencer value index.” This metric puts a number value on a streamer's retention, engagement, and overall value for ROI analysis. It includes various data about the influencer's specific appeal including the purchase intent of their demographic.

This latest innovation from SuperData arrives just over one month after the company was bought by Nielsen. SuperData was a leading source for statistics in the esports industry before the acquisition, but that did not stop critics from accusing them of producing inaccurate data.

The same critics are likely picking apart SuperData's new Arena dashboard in search for flaws. Whether or not any flaws are found, it will be interesting to see how Nielsen and its clients benefit from this innovation.

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