Players Accuse PartyPoker of Predatory and Dishonest Behavior

Online poker players say PartyPoker is using controversial methods to avoid overlays in recent tournaments. Players on the TwoPlusTwo online poker forums accuse the platform of dishonest and predatory behavior that misleads the majority of its users.

The recent wave of accusations against PartyPoker was brought on by the recent PartyPoker Millions tournament series. Players say claim the site fluffs up its tournaments by giving players free entries in exchange for a reduced payout. User “pp-whistle” says PartyPoker gives these players a 40/60 deal in which the platform keeps 60 percent of their tournament winnings.

The players who were calling PartyPoker out for using freerolls to fill tournaments say it is misleading, anti-consumer, and takes advantage of new and casual players. However, some players support the practice. They claim it is a necessary means to an end.

According to forum user “alligatorhater,” fluffing up a tournament with player freerolls is “great for the game.” He thought online poker players were already aware of the practice and defended it as the only way platforms could afford to offer such massive guarantees.

One forum member familiar with the situation presented a more neutral perspective. He discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the behavior for poker players. While it is a way for platforms to host bigger tournaments, it means they have a bias in the tournament results.

If a platform freerolls a player into a tournament for a reduced payout percentage do they lose the ability to remain neutral on the tournament results? Is the platform essentially staking these freerolled players? 

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