Pennsylvania Overturns Self-Imposed Lifetime Casino Ban, Poker Players Disagree

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board made a controversial decision during their most recent board meeting. The board voted unanimously to overturn the voluntary and self-imposed lifetime ban of a problem gambler. Several poker players on the TwoPlusTwo forum disagree with the decision.

The Pennsylvania Lifetime Voluntary Self-Exclusion List is a program designed to help problem gamblers keep their commitment to stay out of casinos. All casinos in the state participate. When an individual requests their name be added to the list they are then blocked for life from entering a Pennsylvania casino. This is true for all casino patrons, except one.

The unnamed gambler claims she requested to be on the list after suffering addictive side effects of the medication Abilify in 2013. She filed a petition to the PGCB earlier this year asking to be removed from the list.

The Office of Hearings and Appeals formally recommended she remain on the list, arguing that she was “deemed to be of sound mind” on the day in 2013 when she requested the lifetime ban from state casinos. However, the PGCB decided to go against the advice and reverse the ban for the gambler.

Their reasoning is that she could leave Pennsylvania to gamble at casinos in neighboring states. When the subject was posed to poker players on TwoPlusTwo, most disagreed with the reasoning. User “dogarse,” said it was obvious that the ban should be held up. He argued that overturning it negates the validity of such a ban.

Another user, “NmcNasty,” said the timeframe for the self-exclusion list is not what matters but the process, suggesting players should have to “jump through hoops” to be allowed in casinos again.

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