League of Legends Hit its Highest-Ever Total Hours Watched in a Single Week

League of Legends topped the list of the most watched channels on Twitch last week. Between October 8 and 14, League of Legends hit its highest-ever total hours watched in a single week – 22.15 million. The high traffic turnout was for broadcasts of the League of Legends 2018 World Championships.

It has been a year, during the week of the 2017 World Championship, since the title had viewership numbers anywhere close to what it pulled last week – 21.3 million. This year, the average concurrent viewership started on the first day at over 500,000. It did not drop below 400,000 the entire week.

Fortnite had the second-most hours watched on Twitch with 19,.25 million, but it was Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 that had the most impressive airtime performance. On October 12, the new Black Ops 4 mode Blackout was released, causing an abrupt spike in COD airtime on Twitch. By mid-day, over 15,000 hours of the game had been broadcast live.

Though its hours watched pale in comparison to League of Legends, Dota 2 came in no. 5 on the most watched list last week. Not even two months out from the title's biggest tournament of the year, The International 18, Dota 2 players are already preparing for the next competitive year.

Last week, Dota 2 fans tuned in to watch the Autumn Brawl, a tournament hosted by CIS esports and broadcaster Maincast. It boasted an $80,000 prize pool and attracted over 2.4 million total hours watched. The time represents about one-third of Dota 2's total hours watched last week of 7.38 million.

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