Fortnite Announces New In-Game Tournaments

Epic Games announced a new form of tournaments for Fortnite players today. The newest update for the game, v6.10, includes in-game tournaments. For players eager to compete for a share of the $100 million prize pool announced by Epic earlier this year, the tournaments present an exciting opportunity.

Fortnite's last patch included Disco Domination and Quad Rocket Launchers. Players were even more excited at the prospect of a new form of transportation – quadbikes, which are also on the way. However, these additions pale in comparison to the chance to compete against celebrities and pros.

The in-game tournaments will run within Fortnite at specific dates and times. When the competition starts, all players begin with the same starting score. The player who earns the highest score during the tournament wins. Points are scored in both placements and eliminations.

Each in-game tournament will be a standalone event, meaning once a new tournament starts everyone's points immediately reset. In addition to winning with the highest score, players will be striving for a “target score.” Everyone who hits the target will receive shiny pins.

The matchmaking for the tournaments will be made through a system similar to that used by Overwatch, pairing players with opponents on a similar skill level. In order to participate, all players must agree to the crossplay opt-in – a feature that only became available once PlayStation agreed to add the functionality.

This opens the in-game tournaments to players around the world, on any platform, regardless of input device.

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