Q and A with PlayerAlfa Mike Foxtro on his $193k Score on WPN

Talk about a great weekend. Player “Alfa Mike Foxtrot” took down the Million Dollar Sundays Encore tournament this past Sunday (October 7th) for the 1st-place prize of $193,500. Having come down to our own backyard recently as a Cage Live participant, we reached out to offer our congratulations and do a quick interview.


Congratulations on taking down the Million Dollar Encore. Is that your biggest score to date?


Thanks. A couple years back, I did win over $70k on PokerStars, but this is by far my biggest single win.


How long have you been playing on the network?


Been playing a couple years now, played many “millions” for $265 or $540, but this was the first time that I played the $2,650 buy-in million. After playing a couple satellites with no luck, I decided to directly buy into the event. I’m obviously happy with that decision.


You came down to Costa Rica this year to play in one of our Cage Live Events. Can you tell us a bit about that experience?


I really enjoyed it, and it was a lot different than some of the other live events I’ve played. The day before the event even started we had a tour of the offices, a player dinner, and then a party at the bar in the hotel.

The office tour turned out to be a nice surprise, nice to see all the people behind the scenes. We even had a brief presentation of the different departments. I especially liked the tournament director’s line, “I’m responsible for the overlays, you’re welcome”. Keep up the good work!

The dinner was good and then the party went late. That’s the part that was different than other events. I drank and talked with many of the players that came down. Then I woke up the next day, slightly hungover and thought, “oh yeah, I’ve got to play a $5k Event now with these people”. That’s a lot different experience than an EPT or WSOP with hundreds or thousands of players.


How did you end up finishing in the Cage Live?


I did well, had a top 10 finish so was happy to make some cash. I’d like to make it back there if I qualify. The same day I won the $193k, I bubbled the Cage Live satellite. The player who beat me made an awful play, pretty much ICM suicide but it worked out for him. I want to qualify and make it down there for the next one just to tell him to his face how bad it was (laughs).

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