Texas sisters accused of stealing from man they met at casino

Two Texas women have been arrested for stealing more than $90,000 from an unidentified 85-year-old man with "diminished mental capacity" that they met at a casino.  Sandy Lujan, 52, and Mary Ann Warren, 61, are charged with exploitation of an elderly individual, a third-degree felony, and were booked into the Wichita Country Jail. 

According to police records, the pair stole the money from the man's bank account between March and August of this year after meeting him at the casino.  A detective on the case said that he was “groomed, deceived, manipulated and exploited through a sympathetic type theft scheme praying on [his] current diminished mental capacity to access his finances."

The detective also indicated that an order was issued to keep Warren away from the man in order “to prevent further harm."  However, he added, "that the rate and manner of exploitation will cause the financial failure of [the elder man's] retirement income needed for his future care.”

During the thefts, the man wrote 31 checks to Warren for a total of $32,882.  Additionally, he withdrew $57,879.74 from his bank account, all of which was given to the sisters, according to a statement he gave detectives. 

The money was supposedly used for medical expenses; however, Warren was not able to produce any medications, billing statements or receipts to verify the medical claims.  She refused a police request to review her medical history. 

Following her arrest, Warren had her bail set at $500,000 and remained behind bars.  Lujan's $250,000 bail was paid and she was released pending a trial. 

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