Supreme Court nominee questioned over private poker games

Brett Kavanaugh, US Supreme Court nominee, has been submitted to a grilling by Congress over virtually every move he's made in his adult life.  Now, one Senator wants to know if the Trump nominee has a gambling problem. 

In a list of questions that filled 14 pages, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island asked, “Do you play in a regular or periodic poker game?  If yes, please list the dates, participants, location/venue, and amounts won/lost.”  He also asked, “Since 2000, have you participated in any form of gambling or game of chance or skill with monetary stakes, including but not limited to poker, dice, golf, sports betting, blackjack, and craps? If yes, please list the dates, participants, location/venue, and amounts won/lost.”  Whitehouse has additionally tasked Kavanaugh with providing details on the purchase of baseball tickets and home repairs Kavanaugh completed. 

In his 263-page response, which was submitted yesterday evening, Kavanaugh succinctly provided a written response of "No" to several of the questions.  He added, “Like many Americans, I have occasionally played poker or other games with friends and colleagues. I do not document the details of those casual games.”

Kavanaugh chose to ignore providing specifics to the question about the baseball tickets.  He said that he attended games with "a group of old friends," who would split the tickets at a "ticket draft" at his house.  He added, “Everyone in the group paid me for their tickets based on the cost of the tickets, to the dollar.  No one overpaid or underpaid me for tickets.  No loans were given in either direction.”

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