Riot Reveals Artwork, Merch for Odyssey Event

A major event is coming to League of Legends and it will be the first to unlock purchasable merch. Riot revealed artwork and other details about the surprise event, Odyssey, this week. It includes new skins, a new PvE game mode, and more.

Riot released the stunning cinematic trailer for the game earlier this week featuring Jinx, Malphite, Yasuo, Sona, Ziggs, and Kayn. Today, the publisher released more artwork, chromas, and the first peek at the new merch coming to the game.

Odyssey launches a new way of accessing merch. Players can unlock the ability to purchase an item by completing certain stages of the event. The merch in today's reveal includes a mini Jinx figurine and a hooded Odyssey jacket feature various patches related to the event. Riot also revealed a set of six chromas for each of the above-mentioned characters.

Odyssey is expected to be similar to last year's Star Guardian Invasion. The big difference between the two is that Odyssey is skipping the PBE and headed straight to full release with Patch 8.18 this week.

The event sends players to an alien planet where they will battle monsters in an attempt to rescue Ziggs. Kayn is the villain of the event – more on that in the event-themed short story which is coming to the League of Legends Lore pages.

Players can augment or upgrade their champion each time they play Odyssey, and the augments carry over to future games enabling the characters to tackle higher difficulty levels.

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