Prepare for the Live Cage with The Playpen this Friday

We get it. You’re tempted by The Live Cage and really want to make your way to Costa Rica for just $55 in a Beast and Sit & Crush satellite (every Sunday at 6pm ET).

But you’ve never played a time-based cash game before and that satellite happens to be a regular No Limit Hold’em tournament, not a time-based cash game.

Logic suggests jumping into The Cage on Wednesday to see if time-based cash games are your thing. But logic also suggests that $1000+50 is a hefty price to pay. There are satellites, but those can still run in the hundreds.

So what do you do? Try the Playpen instead.

For just $10.50, you can play a mini version of The Cage. The 6-max format event squishes The Cage down from five hours into just 52 minutes, with blinds and antes increasing every 13 minutes.

The format is the same as The Cage. You get 1,000 starting chips (each worth a penny) and your goal is to survive the game until the clock strikes zero. No rebuys. No add-ons. No re-entries. Once you’re out, you’re out.

The Playpen takes place on Fridays at 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, and 11pm ET. If you do well, you could find yourself winning more than enough for that Sunday satellite and ultimately make your way to Costa Rica.

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