PokerStars still refuses to pay Vayo his winnings; lawsuit continues

Last year, Gordon Vayo won around $692,000 on PokerStars.  When he tried to collect, the poker portal slammed the gate shut and denied him his winnings, asserting that the money was unlawfully earned.  Vayo subsequently sued PokerStars this past May and the company is still refusing to pay. 

PokerStars claims, without having any hard evidence, that Vayo was in California at the time he won the money and wants proof that he wasn't.  Vayo asserts that he was actually in Ottawa, Canada, where he is a registered player.  His lawyers have called PokerStars' request for proof nothing more than a "sham investigation" and a "witch hunt," and are nothing more than attempts to deny the payouts. 

PokerStars hopes to have the lawsuit dismissed.  A federal court hearing on the case was initially scheduled for September 25, but that has now been pushed back to November 6. 

Vayo claims that PokerStars is engaged in "deliberate exploitation of US Law" and that it has "set up a scheme to defraud US residents."  His lawsuit further asserts, “Plaintiff [Vayo] alleges that [PokerStars] has taken in many millions of dollars from U.S. residents playing on their reinstated accounts.  At the same time, Plaintiff alleges [PokerStars] turned a blind eye to the actual physical location of the U.S. residents playing on the site, and that [PokerStars] had no procedures in place to detect, verify or check the location from which these U.S. residents were routinely playing on the site. Plaintiff alleges that it was only after a U.S. resident won a significant payout (in excess of around $10,000) that [PokerStars] took steps to ‘investigate’ the location from which the U.S. resident was playing on the site.”

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