Poker dealers: Women make better players than men

A poker club in Texas has determined that female poker players are better at the game than their male counterparts.  The Prime Social poker club in West Houston recently held an all-female poker training night in order to give rookie players an opportunity to break into the poker world.  The dealers put their support behind the women, saying that they are able to keep a poker face better than men. 

According to one dealer at the club, Nancy Laster, "I prefer to play against men because they're easier to read. Women are tighter players."  This is supported by recent studies that show that women are better at interpreting body language than are men.  One study showed that 87% of female participants were able to properly decode footage from a silent film, while only 42% of the men got it right. 

Poker is inarguably a male-dominated game.  Less than 4% of the average player field of major tournaments has been comprised of female players.  Recent programs, such as the WPT Women's Poker Summit held in August at the Bicycle Casino in California, are working to change this, but it has been a slow process.  Perhaps it's still for more women to get involved and give men a run for their money. 

The Prime Social poker club legally operates in Texas by offering a membership program, instead of taking a rake from the games.  It bills itself as the largest poker room in town and the monthly membership cost is $10.  The club hosts a number of tournaments, events and live games, giving area residents a great opportunity to participate in poker. 

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